Rigid Brake Pipes....

Hi Peeps,

My old Pinin 2.0GDI (2004) has failed it's Control Technique (MOT) on it's rigid brake pipes, all of them, so I need to replace them. Having trouble finding a supplier, in France or a supplier who could ship them over. Only other option is to buy a roll, cut, bend and flare them myself. Anyone with info on suppliers or the length, diameter and material for the coil would be of great help, Cheers


1999 Pajero iO performance

My recentlunch purchased 1999 Pajero iO 1.8 litre auto 5 door is painfully slow off the mark. Dies at the sight of a hill. Is this normal? Vehicle runs beautifully once won d up.

Are there performance enhancing extras.

Cheers Des. 


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