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Hello All

I just did the trip from Hamilton, Victoria to Ayers Rock and back in a week. So much fun!

I removed the back seats and had enough room for all my camping gear. 

The trip went well with a couple of close calls due to animals and people who drive like......

In my experience, cars normally show you their weak spots on these long drives. With the Pajero IO I had two of these.

The first one was the lights showing the two back weels are not working any more. I know there is a technical note on this site stating how to fix the wire problem that causes this.

The second one was something a bit more strange. When fully loaded, doing 110km/h and hitting a dip/ uneven surface in the road with one of the front tyres, I get a rocking action from side to side from the car. This can easily be fixed by removing my foot from the gas, but would be enough to role the car if you keep your foot on the gas. Warn springs? Any suggestions?

The rest of the car was AMAZING as always!!! I had a discussion with my partner regarding the amount of noise in the car. In the reviews they mentioned that the car is noisy. In my opinion the car does not have a lot of noise in the cabin at all! 

Anyway - a couple of pics of the car!



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Hey first of all Nice pics! I

Hey first of all Nice pics! I used to live in Alice so seeing the red dirt brings back memories! Sounds like u had a great trip!

What are your shocks like? Usually a swaying from side to side motion would suggest that your shocks are not working properly, In this case the swaying would be caused by your springs not being dampened by your shocks properly. It might also have something to do with the weight in the back of the car if loaded up it might be too heavy for the stock shocks to be able to dampen the springs. Cant help you with the other thing tho. When i got my iO i had to replace the shocks straight away because they were not working at all, i am currently looking for some adjustable shocks for the rear cause the stock ones are pretty average. Hope that helps :)

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Awesome! My wife wants to do

Awesome! My wife wants to do the same trip soon, might have to get some ideas from you., got any pics of it with the seats out? was going to do the same thing.

So you also suffered from the dreaded iO wobble. theres a bit of talk about that here http://www.pajerio.com/forum/hi-manly-nsw-australia#comment-253 I get it whenever mine is loaded up, Infact i got it as I was driving through Hamilton last time :) I should say use to, I have not had it since putting in the stiffer shocks. My original shocks were still good. only had 113000 on the clock.

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I am doing a similar trip in

I am doing a similar trip in 3 weeks but looking at taking 2 weeks to get to Ayres Rock and into the YP Lands over the border into WA. Should be a bit of sand dune work as well (about 100K) so that will be a test for the car.

How did you go with fuel consumption?  I am taking a jerry can as backup as I intend to go off road as well.

Went up the Flinders (Blinman) over Easter and up some creek beds. Clearance was OK but not great. Have never had a rocking motion.

Mine is a 2002 5 door with 94K on the clock so is in good nick. Been used to haul kids to school.

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Hey I need to check the


I need to check the condition of the shocks, will do that when I take my car in for a timebelt replacement (205 000km on the clock). 

Still looking at best options to lift my IO.

The wobble only bothers me with a full load in the car.


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@ IROC357 We wanted to do the

@ IROC357

We wanted to do the track to WA, but due to all the rain the road was really muddy. I also attempted to do the Painted Desert road, but being really muddy and being alone with a dodgy spare tyre and limited fuel, I turned around after about 70km!

Fuel consumption was at 10.1l/100km. 



Will send you some picks of the car with the seats out, as soon as I take out all the stuff (golf clubs, fishing gear, etc.) that is currently in there. 

Actually really ticked of at myself. Placed the backseat in the shed, and got back to a half eaten seat thanks to a recent mice infestation that I was unaware of!

Anyone know of a spare backseat of a '99 IO???



pebadenhorst (not verified)
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Pajero io without back seats

Hello Glen

Sorry for the long delay, I finally have the IO without anything in the back, as my parent ar coming down for a visit, and need to replace the back seats.

So here is a snap of the IO without backseats!



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