4g93 GDI to turbo swap

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Hi all, my iO has the 4g93 GDI and is becoming rattlier and smoking like a diesel. 

Rather than spending good money to rebuild the current motor, I have found a iO turbo motor (complete less ecu) which should be a drop in swap (being from the same chassis).

My question is regarding the ECU or lack of... what can be used for this as a preferably plug in swap? I was thinking Lancer turbo as long as it is auto transmission (as my iO is auto) and 4g93.

Any suggestions? 

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Yea u cud use the Lancer ECU

Yea u cud use the Lancer ECU but the stock harness plugs for the ecu will be different, u will also have to purchase the harness plugs with wires for the lancer ecu and rewire, or the manual Lancer ECU uses the same stock Pajero harness plugs but u will be missing the shift solenoid wires to allow the transmission to shift, this cud be worked around if u put a little effort and research into it

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