Car won't start

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Dunco Niaje
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Hi all, I have had to spend three days in a workshop.

Car had a fuel leak at the back main supply line. It was fixed but now car won't start.

Crank Sensor changed, intank fuel checked and working. Spark plugs are good and there is a spark.

We just noted there is no current on the injector nozzole connector.

What could be leading to not having current for the injectors...injector relay changed...and what is the recommended voltage?

Apart from the relay is there a fuse? If the relay and the fuse are okay what else could be the problem?

The engine is 4g94, GDI with injector drive.

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Does the 4G94 GDI use an

Does the 4G94 GDI use an injector driver like the 4G93?


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