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Hi guys,

I happened to stumble on a source of information that might well be the answer to all our cheapo scrap part salvage tuning prayers.

There is this database, called TecDoc, , it contains all the OEM info, including dimensional etc. from basically all the manufacturers and all their models since the 60s like. With the possible exception of Japanese RHD vehicles.

Don't know what it costs officially but the point is, even though it probably has no backwards search implemented as standard, I wouldn't be surprised if you could create one through a fairly simple hack. Like, for instance I have this used car database from ADAC (which is the German AA), which also has no backwards search, but once you have it on CD, you can open the database files with M$ Access and search for whatever you want. And that is just the dummy version for the dabase-challenged, like me.

"Backwards search" as in "Input desired spring type & dimensions" and get the list of cars that use them.

Et cetera.


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