Difference between IO / TR4 / Pinin

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Hey Guys,

Nice to finally find a forum dedicated to the Pinin!
I bought one after much deliberation last year, but only found this forum a week or so ago - I could have avoided much headache regarding finding the right coils and shock absorbers if I'd found you guys sooner!

After reading the forums, I was left with more questions than answers regarding the different variations of the Pinin/IO/TR4; as it is quite confusing:

I am driving a 2004 5-door, 2.0GDI European Pinin. I know that there are differences to other Pajeros regarding length (3 or 5 doors), the motorization (1.6, 1.8, 2.0, MPI or GDI), and the drivetrain (SSR or permanent).

What I don't understand is if a Pinin 2.0 GDI is the same as an IO 2.0 GDI or an TR4 2.0 GDI?

If I were to fit, for instance, KAISER-Lockers, the application chart states that the fit the 98-03 iO, but all TR4 models.
Could somebody help me explain this?

Thanks & all the best,


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Different market, different name.

The iO, Pinin & TR4 are different names for what is essentially the same vehicle sold in different markets - as far as I'm aware, the TR4 is the name used in Brazil, Pinin (a tribute to the Pininfarina design studio) is the name used in the European markets, and iO is the name used in the rest of the world.

The vehicles are not identical as the different markets have different legislative requirements and are built in different factories which sometimes purchase different components fron different suppliers.

One example of the differences - the Pinin factory in Europe get their KYB shocks & struts from KYB Europe, whilst the iO going to the rest of the world (other than Brazil) are built in Japan and their KYB shocks & struts are supplied by KYB Japan - the part numbers are different, and the Pinin all use one strut, whilst the iO can have one of two different struts - this is documented in a thread in the suspension section (called Strut Data) and is the research of several people who were willing to go measure what was fitted to their cars and also dig through KYB catalogues.

My car is a Japanese built iO with the 1.8 GDI engine, I have discovered through many hours spent with the Pinin manuals that some aspects of the car are identical to the European models, and others are different - many frustrating hours spent trying to track down intermittent wiring related issues where wiring diagrams were just slightly different.

I could be wrong, but, I believe that the Pinin was only available with AWD, rather than the "super select 4WD", which the rest of the world got, and as far as I know, there were no AWD iOs or TR4s only Pinins.

I believe that Mitsubishi Brazil continued to build & sell the TR4 for a number of years after the parent company stopped building the iO & Pinin and there are many differences between the later TR4 production & the earlier models which are quite similar to the iO & Pinin, some of the TR4 models may also have been fitted with a different exhaust system and a second fuel tank where the main muffler is on the iO & Pinin, but as far as I know, that second tank was not offered in any other country.

It's unlikely that anyone here can tell you where all the differences lie, and the only way you'll be certain about the Kaiser lockers is to try it yourself - a couple of the Australian owners have fitted Kaiser lockers, I can't be certain which ones without digging through the build threads, if you want that information you'll have to go search for yourself - later model Pinins (and maybe the iO) had different rear suspension, a sway bar was added, I don't know if there were internal changes to the axle at that time.  If Kaiser says it doesn't fit, then assume they know what they are talking about and proceed at your own risk

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The Pinin, in the UK at

The Pinin, in the UK at least, was sold with the GDI engine and super select 4wd, all 5 doors and the early 3 doors.
The only exception was the later 3 door sold with the 1.8Mpi engine, which was AWD only with no transfer box.

There aren't many early 3 doors with the GDI and super select 4wd left in the UK. Fortunately I have one!

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The name Pinin for Europe

The name Pinin for Europe comes from the fact that the construction of the models distributed in this market were assembled by the bodybuilder Pininfarina.

In France models without a reduction box have been offered as a second choice.

There are more permanent wheel drive models on the second-hand market than those equipped with the superselect gearbox.

Mine was imported from Japan in 2000 certainly before the Italian production which started at this period.



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