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I may have an opportunity to buy a discovery 2, V8 auto, 2000 model, 160000km, full log book, never been off road,for a reasonable price. Does anyone have had one? any feedback? I know they are big in petrol, but if I go that way, I will buy a very small car to run around and use the disco for serious week end only.

I still love my io, best car I ever had, with lots of fun time too, but something I would love something a bit bigger for longer trip....

Happy io.


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Good vehicle

Good vehicle, series 2 has some limiting suspension for lifting, and massive on fuel!


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Disco 2 was what I was chasing when I ended up with the IO.

The one issue I had with the Disco 2 is that before the 2003 model, you cant manually engage 4x4, you have to let the electronic system do it automatically when it detects rear tire slippage.

Some of the first Disco2s had some of the compents for the manual shift still in place, so you could do a easy mod to get it back, but the later ones, before 2003 they completely removed it all.  I can not be 100% sure which years could easily be modded.


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