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This look interesting,

Uneek Difflocker The Cap Locker is a new design of pneumatically (air – operated) selectable differential locks for 4WDs. The Lockers have been designed in Australia and best of all will be manufactured in Australia. Cap Lockers are going to revolutionise the Locker market in Australia and throughout the world. Cap Lockers are real steel machined and hardened. They will also provide a full 5mm of engagement with the locking ring, which is more than the 3mm that is seen in other lockers. They will be cheaper to buy and also cheaper and easier to fit, making lockers accessible to a lot more 4WD owners. Better, cheaper, easier and design and manufactured in Australia! There will be 4 different types of lockers in the CAP Locker range, the PR locker, the LSD Locker, the FR Locker and the Comp locker. The PR Locker is the Partial Replacement Locker. For those with an open differ and a 4 pinion centre, the PR Locker will be an addition to your factory centre. What makes the PR Locker unique is that it reuses the existing factory casing and gears. Other lockers throw these parts out and use a cast housing. This makes the CAP locker cheaper because it consists of less parts. The LSD CAP Locker is a similar version that bolts onto the existing LSD center and uses the existing gears and clutch packs. The LSD will now be open as standard with a button for LSD and a button for pure locked. Importantly, it does not matter whether the clutch pack is old or new as the system negates any previous wear and tear. The FR CAP Locker is a full replacement locker for those with a 2 pinion diff – it is a full replacement. It will use the CAP locker system with a new 4 pinion carrier. Design work is continuing on the CAP Competition Locker. Uneek is hoping to solve one of the big problems with comp lockers and will be seeking an entirely new Patent on these before their release. We are currently taking expressions of interest for the new CAP Lockers. Pricing is expected to be around $700 - $900. Please register an expression of interest as we are using this information to work out which vehicles we are going to build next. The first model released will be for Suzuki's. We expect pre-sales for them to start in the next 4 weeks for a Xmas delivery. Delivery will be strictly first in best dressed. Expressions of interest are non-binding, we just want to know how many people with which 4WDs want a new CAP locker for their vehicle. Thanks for supporting us, Dave and Joe Uneek 4x4 - See more at:

South Africa - 03 Pajero io 2L MPI, 225/70/16 Bridgestone Dueler A/T, 3mm Stainless Steel Bash Plate.


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