Pajero IO Turbo vs. Normal

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Does anyone know what the difference is? if it's just different dampers? the turbo is loewred by 20mm from the factory:


  1. Pajero iO 5-door TR specification

  • Vehicle height has been lowered 20mm, a stabilizer bar fitted to the rear suspension, and shock absorber damping rates optimized to match Pajero iO 5-door TR's handling stability to its new level of turbocharged performance.


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I have one that I'm using as

I have one that I'm using as a donor project in the future. 

The differences from factory (both major and minor) that you didn't point that I also noticed are:

  • Bigger front brakes and rear brakes are also disc
  • Nardi Toreno steering wheel
  • Different, distinct wheels

I do have a bookmark of the press release of this model as well, that should have everything I think

Press Release | Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (


Have fun with it! I'll be posting mine some time later this year/ next year when I reach somewhere in my project :) 


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