Passenger side floor carpet gets soaked-no obvious reason

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I wonder if anyone else has had this partner's iO has lately had really wet floor carpets...but just on the passenger's side.


I had a good look under the dash but no signs of water trails or dampness. The a/c ducts are dry (and dusty) with no signs of water trails.


There haven't been windows left open in the rain, spilt bottles or anything obvious like that.


Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas?


Many thanks,


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A/C drain issue probably

Do you operate the A/C full time? and does the water drain out of the car? if not, the evaporator's drain pipe is clogged. you will have to remove the entire dashboard to get to it, then clean the evaporator. you will be sorted. its a days job and quite cumbersome to get it out. if thats not the issue, perhaps water is coming in through the blower duct, just remove the glove box, remove the a/c blower and housing and peep out of the car and check if water seeps through the hole of the front garnish. there could be a possibility that area has rusted and a plate needs to be welded  hope this helps

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If the car has a sunroof the

If the car has a sunroof the rubber will have shrunk.

To test this use electrical insulation tape over the seal, or some tape that leaves no mess.

Tissue wedged inside on  the corners  etc will show leaks.

If you don't want to replace the seal and don't use the sunroof a polyurethane sealant like sikaflex 252 will permanently seal it. Just smear over joins.

Another test is a disco smoke machine hired out. Fill interior with smoke. The smoke will escape from gaps. Leaks can be extremely hard to locate, so that's not extreme if it saves hours and money.

Good luck, remember water plus air equals rust so best fixed.


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