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Rigid Brake Pipes....

Hi Peeps,

My old Pinin 2.0GDI (2004) has failed it's Control Technique (MOT) on it's rigid brake pipes, all of them, so I need to replace them. Having trouble finding a supplier, in France or a supplier who could ship them over. Only other option is to buy a roll, cut, bend and flare them myself. Anyone with info on suppliers or the length, diameter and material for the coil would be of great help, Cheers


Engine change advice

Hi All

I have two Pinin 2.0L GDI's, one is a 2004 in good nick, apart from the fact that it's blown a piston. The other is the same model (2003) in poor nick but with a very good engine. Obviously I would like to swap the good engine into the better shell, is it a simple job, bearing in mind the ECU and the transponder in the key. Can you simply swap the unit over and do a reset on the ECU or would you have to keep the original ignition pack and injector system. Any help or advice would be most appreciated....


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