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HI Everybody. 

Im new owner of Pinin VIN : jmp0nh66wyx001297

i have problem with my base 2H .. as i read about this car before i buy it ( today ).. when he loss traction on wet road on rear tyres

he should turn ON front wheels by visco clutch ..  as i saw on my frend Pinin when this happen - he turn on lights on cocpit about front wheels are added.. 

unfortunatelly on my own pinin light 2H is off ( maybe just bulb or any fuze ? ) - other lights works normally .. middle orange + front green.. 

so today on wet ground on 2H i make short cluth Kick ... and just rear tyres works.. front NO .. no any light occures.. 

any idea ? 


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When the transfer case is in

When the transfer case is in the 2H position, the front wheels are not driven ever - the viscous coupling will only engage when 4H is selected.

If the rear wheel "light(s)" are not on, the bulb in the dash cluster is most likely blown.

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Thank You Fordem, yes You

Thank You Fordem, yes You have right - honestly, that is not popular car in Poland and here i found alot of information's who make me big mess.. thank You .

yesterday i found also about my petrol pipe is totally corroded  .. i know about i must fix it asap.. previous ovner told me about high presure fuel pump was repaired but as i know that could be the reason of this issue cause GDI have no any fuel filter just small one on low presure fuel pump... so my current steps are 

1) buy new one petrol fuel pipe / neck MR342122

2) clean the tank

2) mount extra fuel filter directly in front of high presure fuel pump - adequate flow of fuel is urgent, they here suggest Opel Vectra version

3) make inspection of small filters inside of engine ( i read about there are small metall baskets made of stell mesh )

alot of work - but price was good .. im affraid only about the corrosion... 

thx again Fordem, im glead about here i can rely on You ... 

with bests regards




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