4G93 GDI Turbo conversion - Is it worth it?

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Hi all,

So this is the first of a few posts that I will do now that I've been reunited with my IO.


First thing's first, a 4G93T GDI conversion, is it worth it?

I see a few persons interested in the turbo swap as well as one person who successfully did it ( http://www.pajeroio.com/forum/pajero-io-siberia ) but no one who documented their way through the swap.

So I found a person here who has a Pajero GDI Turbo, he is willing to give me the turbo parts as he doesn't want those parts and is only interested in the non-turbo parts of the vehicle.

I was ecstatic at first, however, when I came back from a short trip, he said he had to swap the engine out of the GDI turbo into his daily driver as the engine in his basically got destroyed. He said that the mechanic only transfered the non-turbo parts and "blocked off" what couldn't be left behind as they both knew I was interested in the parts. I checked the GDI Turbo recently and from what I could see, they left behind a few parts, the downpipe and exhaust manifold (well I'm not too sure of the manifold again, I'll post pictures later after another visit), the turbo itself, intercooler, the ECU and I think some of the plumbing. I don't recall seeing the intake and such but I'll return with a mechanic of mine so we can inspect the parts thoroughly.

So here are where my questions start -

1) Can I use the 4G93 pistons in the turbo conversion? The reason I ask is because when the person swapped the engine out, they didn't know that the 4G93T has lower compression pistons than the 4G93 and I'm not too sure if they'll be inclined to take apart a running vehicle to remove the pistons. Is it simple as just regulating the boost so the increased compression doesn't blow a hole in reality? crying Or do I have to beg for the low compression pistons or possibly find a turbo Lancer wreck and salvage those pistons? I do have a disassembled 4G93 at home that I don't mind giving pistons and parts but it's up to the owner.


2) Can I keep the block for the 4G93 and just swap the head or do I need both the head and the block from the GDI Turbo? I say this because I rememeber a while back someone building a turbo io ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRsAf4BDSLo ) Which seems like they used a non-turbo block with a turbo head but will there be a fitment issue if I do this? As I am NOT looking to make a racecar lol ( or at least not with a pajwink) I just want to have a fun offroader with some kick to it


3) Is it just a simple swap or do I need to add like a wiring harness or other components? I was trying to find info on if the 4G93 on my '99 IO has a MAP sensor. I saw a post that had an overview of the sensors ( http://www.pajeroio.com/forum/overview-engine-control-unit-ecu-and-its-sensors-mitsubishi-4g93-engine ) and I saw the pinout of the ECU post ( http://pajeroio.com/forum/pajero-io-ecu-pinout ) but the pinout at least doesn't have a MAP connection, howeverrr, I see contradiction posts of people saying that they need to swap their MAF for a MAP and another that says they changed their MAP sensor. So which is it? Is it just a plug and play or will I need to do a bit more?


4) Brakes - Are there any sensors on the rear disc brakes of the GDI turbo that the rear drum brakes of the regular GDI doesn't have? I would really like a brake conversion for when I truly transform this puppy into an off-roader. Is the brake conversion simple enough?


5) For when I do fit a snorkel, can it be easily fitted onto the air intake of the turbo?


Other questions such as intercooler change and turbo swap (get an evo 8 or forester turbo for better low RPM response) I found from the forum. The other questions I have after the conversion (if successful) would be about getting a bigger exhaust pipe and manifold, maybe change the intake as I saw on another post and possibly adding a piggyback to squeeze a bit more power (I'm slowly getting into tuning so it'll be a nice little thing for me to try on a project car). Other things I will gradually post and also document in case other may want to try as well.


coolSee you all soon

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As far as I've read, if you

As far as I've read, if you want a real increase in power, for the 4G93/94 turbo is the only way to go. While bolt on's can make a small difference, once you put on everything you can leaving it N/A you will have ony minimal gains.

1. You probaly know but I'll put it here anyway, best spot for turbo info with the 4G's is the lancer forums. Most configuration have been done by now and some are documented quite well. Most of the internal parts are going to stay the same for the IO. The hard part is working out physical routing and such for the IO, the differences in the East/West config to our North/South engine will be the main hurdle.

2. I know I've read soemthing about pistons and what head to use but I can't find it right now.

3. You can likely use the factory ECU, with some tuning (EZIflash or similar) of course. You will still need an extra bit of control though for the turbo. If you want to spend the money something like a fully programmable ECU (Haltech or similar) should do the whole lot once you set it all up.

If you stay with the or a factory ECU then just chaning the MAF can be fine, see https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/lancer-engine-management-tuning-forums/437909-lancer-maf-swap-step-step-guide.html


5. Fitting a snorkle should be quite easy compared to the turbo. Build a custom airbox to mout up the the original MAF (if you are still using it), cut a big hole in the side of the car, attach the pipe. All of the turbo stuff should be after this in the intake line and not really an issue.

I think your bigger exhasut and intake are best done as you are doing the turbo set up. The RPW guys have a nice write up for what where you want to be with various mods for turbo's. Remeber that is it for a lancer thoguh so only the engine parts are useful to us. https://www.rpw.com.au/mitsubishi-lancer-ce-4g93-modification-guide/


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