98’ Pajero io rough idle

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Hey, I have recently bought a 1998 pajero io H76 GDI with the 4g93. When I cold start the car most of the time if will have regular high idle and make it’s way down to regular idle. But as soon as I put it in gear it will drop to 200-500 rpm’s. From then on even if I put it in park or in drive it will idle very low and the engine vibrates very hard. Just cleaned the throttle body and it helped a bit. Any ideas of things I should do or change? I ordered new air filter, spark plugs, and a throttle body sensor and am going to see about clean the maf sensor.

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Hello, the engine idle is not

Hello, the engine idle is not mechanically adjusted.

The solution to find a stable and normal idle must be done by the throttle valve.

My mechanic solved this problem on my car by this means.

On the forum there should be info on this anomaly.


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