Changing automatic transmission filter

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Good day Paj iO owners,

I own a 2005 Pajero iO - Active Field Edition (AT, Full-time 4WD).  H76W, LRXE1.

I am doing some preventative maintenance and so I would like to change my transmission fluid as well as the transmssion filter (part # MR470838).
The WSM gives the AT fluid change procedure, however, I do not see anything about changing the filter.

With that being said, does anyone know the ATF pan bolt torque specifications?

- Jon

2005 Pajero iO
4G93 SOHC (1830cc)

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The transmission filter ...

isn't really a filter, it's more like a screen, what the transmission shops here do is wash it in gasoline, allow to air dry & then refit.  If the manual doesn't list a torque spec for the pan bolts, check the front, there's a table that lists torque based on bolt size.


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