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Hello Guys,


I need some more info on how to change my ratios after fitting bigger tyres as Jaco got a quote the other day R13000 to do it. Is there anyone that did it, what needs to be changed, is it a transfer ratio of diff ratio change??? Sorry for the questions but I have no idea what to change so all the info will be helpfully maybe with some pictures?

Cheers 4 eers

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I have 225, 75, 16 tires

I have 225, 75, 16 tires fitted with no ratio changes & going by my hand held GPS the Speedo is spot on accurate. My little wagon still tows three dirtbikes and camping gear no worries. Actually 1/2 m of deco/dirt is no more of a problem than before. As far as off road I have not noticed any negatives regarding gearing. Low range reduction is another thing entirely, not low enough from factory & lower reduction gears are on the list for the future. Hope this helps.

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