Group purchace on 1.92 low range gears for Pajero iO

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The Greeks from are organizing a Group Purchace on 1.92 gears for the Pajero iO ( Pinin ) and Thanos, aka Pinin on the rocks, has asked if there is any interest here?
Standard gearing is 1.548,    More info here,

The greater the number the better the price. At the moment the quote is for € 700 Euros each.

This GP may be a very good opertunity!

Who would be keen on a set?



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Pajero iO 1.92:1 low range gears

I am defiantly keen on this if there is no other option, The timing is financially  very bad for us at the moment tho cryingangry
700 euro is about $960 Aud, plus shipping (shouldn't cost toooooo much) So i hope this takes a while to put together ! Then ill have the $$$ for it yes


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