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So not much has happened since my first post, but seeing that was done in the introductions area, I figured I should start a build thread haha
There probably won't be a lot of posts in here, what with my limited casual wages and other work issues (we won't go into that here).

I went actual 4wding and all the guys were really impressed with the little iO, with its lack of lift and road tyres :) Bottomed out on an underwater log in a mud hole and had to get snatched. No damage except a bend in the front number plate and a hit to my pride. Ended up getting myself out of the next bog with a bit of physics and determination. Also did my first water crossing on this day on the way home. Crossing a riverbed with water touching under the car and flowing a reasonable rate, scared me more than any of the 4wding, but the old man and I made it out alive.

Got myself a 2001 model wreck from sydney at a steal of a price (we won't go into how much). Blown motor but most panels good, roofracks, towbar and 4 almost new tyres. Considered popping a 4g94 in it but the old man is slowing down these days, and I don't have the skill nor the patience to work out how to adapt a 4g94 from a lancer into what was a 4g18 or if it can even be done. Anyway, roofracks went on, came with a basket as well but that will only go on when I need it (probably never). Towbar will hopefully go on sometime soon as well (and by sometime soon, I mean sometime in the next 12 months). Still on the search for a bullbar/nudge bar/roo bar (hit a wallaby and now have a nice crack in the front bar so I've been searching everywhere, but airbag makes it hard).

Still have the flashing super select lights, but I do know now its not mechanical, as in all 4 modes work fine. Heading home to my parents' place on wednesday to get a few things fixed. No reverse lights at the moment, have checked bulbs so thinking its the reverse switch. Also have a right hand CV joint to probably replace, it has developed a nasty klunk, so the old man is going to check it out. Developed a vibration under the car when the aircon is on, but doesn't seem to be negatively affecting anything, still going to try tracking it down anyway (so happy the old man got himself a hoist, and I'm sure he is too!)

Also going to measure up the struts in the wreck, hoping they are the higher struts so I can put some bigger shoes on when it comes that time :) if not, I'll live. Not worth forking out more money for suspension upgrades when I've only been 4wding once in the 12 months I've owned it, and thats about how often it will be going off road while I have it.


Anyway, now I'll post some pics of (mostly) the old girl from the last 6 months

On top of a hill while 4wding

After 4wding (didn't get too dirty considering the weather, I think the inside was dirtier haha)