Leaking Transfer Case

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We have a 1999 Pajero iO. It has a small leak that seems to be coming from the transfer case. There appears to be a hairline crack on the transfer case (which we're guessing is the source of the leak). 


Has anyone had this issue before? We're struggling to find a shop near us that will take a look at it due to an issue with sourcing parts. 


Just hoping for any advice/insight! 

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I'd say it depends.

Whilst I have not heard of a cracked transfer case on an iO before, it may actually be a function of how or where that particular vehicle has been used.

Does your iO have the "SuperSelect 4WD" - not all do - some are permanent AWD.

Assuming you do have the SuperSelect mechanism, you would have a choice of 2H/4H/4HLc or 4LLc - the Lc positions lock the center differential and should not be used on a high traction surface.  If this is done, drive train wind up occurs and this has been known to break transfer cases on other vehicles, there's also the possibility that the transfer case may have been hit at some point, maybe the vehicle driven off of a step down whilst off road, maybe driven over a large enough rock.


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