Pajero Pinin 2.0 GDI Start problem

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Laurentiu Barbu
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Hello, I recently bought a Pajero 2.0 GDI, for a while it stopped at idle and wouldn't start when it was hot, now it doesn't start at all, what could be the causes?


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Should we assume ???

Should we assume that this problem is a continuation of the first, or should we treat it as a whole new problem?

I vote we treat it as a new problem and start our diagnosis from scratch - air - fuel -fire - those are the three things an engine needs to run, direct injection engines are a little more difficult to troubleshoot than port injected, but the basic principles still apply.\

Pull a sparkplug (the #1 is easiest to reach), connect it to the coil, lay it on a metal part of the cylinder head (some engines have plastic cam covers, the plug needs to be grounded), and watch while someone else cranks the engine - are you getting a spark?

Alternatively get a can of starter fluid and spray it into the intake whilst someone else cranks the engine, does it start & run as long as you're spraying fluid?

Do you know how to check for codes?

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The cause can be various. See

The cause can be various.

See as the message above, the ignition check the fuel lines, pump filter and circuit and air intake.


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