replacement bolts for engine mount.. and how to replace them

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I apolgise in advance as I am not so knowledgeable when it comes to all things car, however, I own a pajerio io 1999, 5 door automatic which requires new bolts for the rear engine support. Apparently one has sheared off which is allowing for some noisy rattling and concern that the remaining three bolts will also go.

My question is: what are these bolts called.. (I've been trying to locate somewhere on line that might sell them but not necessarily mit. genuine parts.. as the budget isn't allowing for that right now.. but I DO need to have it repaired as we live on bumpy roads that don't do the remaining bolts any favours). I've been trying to find a diagram/of the undercarriage but to no avail ..

and.. how the heck to they get replaced? as the bolt has sheared off the remainder of the bolt is blocking the hole that the replacement bolt would go into.. The mechanic who alerted to me to problem is not sure how to go about it.. (a cobalt drill was mentioned by someone.. )

any advice or pointers would be appreciated.



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I'm away from home so I can't

I'm away from home so I can't slide under my iO to see what you're referring to, but most front engine, rear wheel drive vehicles have left & right mounts and the back of the engine is supported by the transmission through it's mounts - looking at the manual the iO seems to follow this pattern - so I'm at a bit of a loss as to which of the bolts you refer to.

The only rear mount with four bolts that I can see is the transmission crossmember which has two bolts on each side - looks like a piece of pipe that runs from one side of the car to the other about midway under the front doors.  If it is one of those four bolts you will probably have to support the transmission with a jack and remove the crossmember to get at the broken bolt.

Depending on why the bolt broke, removal of the stub may be as simple as unscrewing it with a pick or similar sharp object - I have had broken bolts in engine mounts before and removing them was no trouble at all - or it may require drilling a hole in the bolt and using an "easy-out" or similar stud extractor.

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Thats it by the sounds of

Thats it by the sounds of things. The transmission cross member.. at least I know to what to call it when phoning around. Thanks. The bolt has sheared in half and needs to be drilled into? extracted before a replacement can be screwed in. Getting the other three off (if removing the cross member) should, hopefully be a matter of unscrewing them..

I appreciate the clarification. i can pass along the info to whoever works on it. The mechanic here didn't seem to know how he would go about getting the remaining half of the bolt out.. so.. am thinking I will take in somewhere else..

Thanks again for the info.



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