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Hi All , I am sure someone will have the answer , trying to fit a towbar to my 1999  5 door Pinin H76W have bought one from local supplier but its not going to fit so having a bit of a bun fight with him , bar supplied states its for a H66W and H67W which is the 3 door , he says its the same for a 5 door , trouble is bar supplies has mounting bolts that fit into thresded holes in chassis , mine has just got holes through chassis channel , plus i have welded exhaust brackets either side ,

Question Is the chassis mounts didderent between a 3 dr and a 5 dr ?

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I think I had spare brackets

I think I had spare brackets I did not use for the 3door. The problem is with so many different design of towbar they fit differently. The other thing is the holes it fits in are exposed and this metal rusts well. A small amount in the threads gives big problems, I suppose you could put saw cuts in an old bolt, but a tap is best.

This one was from a manufacturer in Kingsbury Leicestershire . Had no problem so far, looked well made, and should do both 3 and 5 door uk pinins.



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