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Hi All

Just thought I would document my IO mod progress and share my mods with everyone.

I have used some of the ideas shared here already and done some a little diffrently.

So as an overview thus far.

Have used Xtrail front struts for a small lift in the front and used coil spacers in the rear with factory springs. I did use Ford laser / Mazda  springs but they were too stiff.
The factory spring rate is about 106 in lbs as tested at my place of work on a load machine.

I have also installed a ARB chinese copy rear air operated diff lock (RD 210)

And then changed the low range gear in the trasfercase for a lower ratio.... (auto trans).

Panhard rod has been swapped out with an adjustable one to compensate for the lift and is also a more rugged construction.

Rims and tyres upgraded.. Mud tyres installed 225/75-16....

Currently making a front winch bar and recovery points.
This is a slow going progress as I have to try and not interfere with the current structure of the car too much (Local laws forbid welding to the uni chassis unless I get an engineering report)

So to this end I have tried to use factory holes and connection points....And only add holes where required.
I will add photos below of the various mods and if you would like more info... ask away.


Calvin Tyler

1998 Paj IO

Auckland, NZ


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