1.8L Gearbox

Hey guys,


I have been running around for the past month now trying to find a second hand manual gearbox for my 1999 pajero io 1.8L, but am not having much luck. I am located in NSW Australia and was just wondering if I should look for the 2.0L gearboxes, would they fit in a 1.8L?

Please message me on this blog if you are selling a 1.8L in Australia

Thanks guys



Pajero io front coil springs


I recently purchased a Pajero io, I found out that the front coil springs have two part numbers;

Front LH - MR519103 Front RH - MR519104

Does this mean the two springs are different in height?

What are the struts (brand & part numbers) I should use when replacing with new struts?

The specs of my Pajero io are;

Mitsubishi Pajero io (YOM: 2000) Model: H77 Engine: 4G94 Chassis no.: H77W-0205565


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