1.6L SWB 4G18 Alternator Plug wires

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Hi all,

I have driven my IO a couple of times wondering why the charging light was on, further investigation found the the alternator over charging. So I ordered a replacement and got to work removing the old one, it was very stuck. Heat, lubricants and pursuasion did not help. So the grinder got the alternator off and then heat lubrication and pursusaion got the old bolt out. During removing the old alternator the plug would not come undone, and without much struggling or effort the wires all broke out of the plug and was still stuck in the old alternator. Now its off and the new alternator is ready I don't know what colour the wires are. I have found the manuals and know what wires go where but having colour information for wires would make this so easy in reinstalling. I can't find anything on the internet with photos or relative colours.


Anyone able to help with a photo of their alternator plug on their 4G18? :o

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The manuals have the colors...

First I don't have the manuals for the 4G18, but, if you have them and you have the wiring diagrams, then you have the wire colors as well.

The image below is from the wiring diagram for the 4G93 alternator - near the top of the wires you'll see some alpha codes - (F) R-G - that is a red wire with a green stripe, (F) Y - B is a yellow wire with a black stripe, you can find which letter represents which color at the bottom of the image, the first letter is the main color, the second letter is the stripe color, there may not be a stripe so (F) W is a white wire with no stripe.



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