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Hey guys my name is Sal. just purchased a 2002 2.0 pajero io 3dr and i love it

im looking for the FCC ID so that i can buy a keyless entry unit of ebay

it should be located on the back of the remote and as i do not have one i was wondering if any of you guys could help me out

thanks in advance guys


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Let me know how you go with

Let me know how you go with this!

Were all IOs keyless entry? I only have one key at the moment (when i bought the car) but I would like to get another and have keyless entry also IF i can? am a little worried about the ebay keys, not sure if theres any issues with them?



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If your Io has central

If your Io has central locking it should be able to habe a keyless fob.

From what i understand you need to get the right fob which means the right FCC ID. when you have the right one you can program them yourself. Aparently there is a port under the steering colum and you basically put a paperclip running from the number 1 to the number 4. press the hazard lights and press the numbers on the fob and its programed to your car. or so im told.

I will try it out and let everyone know but all i need is for somone to tell me what code is on the back of there remote so i dont get the wrong one and waist my time.

Reson im doing this is because my driverside lock is jammed and its a PITA when it raining.

if i can't find anyone to help me out with the codes im going to just by a cheapo universal kit ($13) that i can wire into the central locking. if i do this i will also post up instructions.

i would prefer to press the hazard lights a few times rather than cut wires etc. 

Ive searched all over the net for these codes but all i get is the montero sport code.

cheers guys


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I can confirm, from the

tI can confirm, from the manuals, the programming procedure for the remotes ...

1 - insert the ignition key into the lock

2 - insert the jumper between 1 & 4 in the diagnostic port

3 - press & release the hazard light switch 6 times (on/off, on/off, on/off)

the power locks should lock & unlock, indicating the system is in program mode.

4 - press either the lock or unlock button on the remote once, release and then press two more times.

the power locks should lock & unlock to confirm programming of the remote.

Up to four remotes can be programmed.

I have one key with a two button remote built in to it - but there is no FCC-ID on it (or inside it), and unfortunately it does not work.  I've tried a new battery, and reprogramming, but I never get the second lock/unlock cycle.

There is a code on the board inside the remote - G8D-530M-A - that may identify it, in that a google search will get you hits on remotes with similar numbers, but unfortunately not that exact number.

I'm still searching, so if I find one I'll let you know.

Google got me this - that's exactly what the plastic part of the key looks like - now if only I could read Japanese.

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I am trying to program a new

I am trying to program a new key via ur intructions but i cannot get the power locks to cycle after i press the hazard lights switch....... i am wondering if i have the jumper (i used a paper clip) in the wrong position
would it be possible to provide pictures of how to do this ?? 


oh and should the ignition key be in the door lock or in the ignition in the "lock" position ??

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I suck at taking pictures

This is what the connector looks like (courtesy of wikipedia) a paper clip should work - I actually use a scrap of CAT5 cable because that stuff is always knocking around.

The key needs to be in the ignition switch and the switch in the lock position - the timing is fairly critical - you have to start the six pushes on the hazard light buttom within a few seconds of inserting the wire and make all six within another few seconds - I don't quite remember, but I believe you'll find it in the manual in the resource section/

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Dam it, so no luck getting

Dam it, so no luck getting one to work then?

Im really keen on this, Im starting to get sick of not having remote for the central locking.


I had a key with a plastic bit that looked just like that link you posted on my delica key, it also didnt work. but i had an aftermarket alarm system that took care of the job so never botherd to try and get it working.

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lol yeah im pretty sure they

lol yeah im pretty sure they all came with a keyless entry...

the FCC ID i have on the back of mine is:




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I don't think they all did

Whilst going through the electrical diagrams a few nights back, I came across four diagrams for power locks, two each LHD & RHD, with & without keyless entry, so I have to assume that not all vehicles came equipped with keyless entry.

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fordem wrote:

Google got me this - that's exactly what the plastic part of the key looks like - now if only I could read Japanese.


Google Translate. BAM.

 Genuine Mitsubishi
Integrated key Metal
Remote keyless

Pre-cleaning & Qualified ◎ ◎

New batteries come with a built 〓 〓
Japanese manufacturers [+]
Accompanying copy describes how to create hand-drawn pictorial 〓 〓

■ Description ■

◇ metal key with integrated remote keyless ◇ MITSUBISHI

◇ metal key out of the remote control cover is disconnected ◇

Note new price ¥: ¥ less than 1 *** 0

■ ■ Vehicle adaptation

Colt ◇ Z25A ◇ ◇

◇ Remote control board stated number: G8D-560M-A and other vehicles ◇

Always check the number listed on the board of the remote control in use before bidding ※, ※ Please bid
Manufacturers who do not have remote control ※, ※ Please contact your dealer, etc.

■ ■ State

◇ remote control cover scratches, wear scar, ◇ feel

◇ ◇ Good Button Board

◇ cover cracking, no chipping! ◇ No broken into silicone rubber

* The use of the image by turning us, so do not go! * Please cover your state as determined by image

■ ■ Note

Board stated number ◇: G8D-530M-G8D and A-534M-◇ A's product is in stock

-The new batteries in the battery is not expired! -The measure comes with built-in voltage after

I nervous ※! I used you do not understand the ※ Please refrain

※ No complaints! ※ No Return

- Smokers - please read before bidding to introduce yourself

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After programming new key,

After programming a new key/fob, make sure you take the keys out of the ignition to test or the car will not lock, and it will seem as if the key hadn't programmed.

I just spent close to an hour pressing hazard lights and pressing the remote and thE remote was not working (it seemed). Until I gave up, took the keys out, walked away and tried to lock the car. Haha TAKE KEYS OUT OF IGNITION TO TEST IF ITS PROGRAMED.

Blonde moment on my behalf.

My 2002 Pajero came with no key, got one from wreckers off 99model, works a treat.


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someone know what is the

someone know what is the oryginal part number of keyless reciever ? can i fit from other model's of pajero ? or carisma ? or spacestar ? 

my car have centrall lock system but not remote. on my 2'nd hand market for spacestar or carisma cost aprox 10 usd ;)

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Thread revial!! Does anyone

Thread revial!!

Does anyone have a picture of what the key should look like?  I have a 1999 iO but only have a single spare blade key with no remote and want to see if I can find a new blank remote key that I can program to the keyless entry system and have the blade cut for my car.

Long shot probably but I would like to have a go. smiley

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Calling it a long shot is an understatement.

This is an ebay image, but it's what mine looks like 

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99 key

Not sure if this will help, but I posted a picture of a key and remote from a 99 io that I done up and sold. My 2002 io have the same remote but different key.

Happy io

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Just to keep things alive, I

Just to keep things alive, I just did this and it worked fine.  Used a paper clip to jumper the port.

6 times on the hazard swith, then 3 times on the remote.


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