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Leon 1.6 IO
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Hi Everybody

I am a new member with a 99 io 1.6 wanting parts to:

1- lift the car as high as possible

2-  Bash plates

3- Bull bar

I only use the car for 4WD in the bush and not daily driving.

Any help/ tips will be appreciated. I am in Brisbane.


Thanks Leon


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Another post i

Another post i missed!

Welcome to the forum! looks like you have yourself a nice little toy there!, would love to see what you can do with one as a off road only machine!

Mine is not far off that. it is my daily in that I drive it 1.5k to work each day :) but its mostly my toy. Not that any of the mods have ruined its daily driving abilities much (yet)

How extreme do you want to go with it? 

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Single cell

Check out single cells build, same io, same mission.

Where abouts in brisbane are you? I'm southside on mt tamborine



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