Pajero IO 1999 - severe engine vibrations - lifting the idle RPM - how to?

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This relates to my Pjero IO, 1999, GF-H76W LNXC

I have some severe engine vibrations when starting from zero speed, gear or reverse, at low RPM (idle speed). It feels like I'm in some own-frequency area. Anybody know what the cause of these vibrations are,  and how to overcome?

I thought maybe lifting the idle speed (RPM) a little could help, but can't figure out how-to? From the otherwise so very complete manuals someone were so kind to upload, I struggle to find manual for the H76W LNXC. Could anyone direct me to the correct document among the huge number of files so I can find out how to adjust idle speed? Or could anyone tell...?


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In a nutshell

I don't think you can.

Fuel injection systems are designed to be "tamper proof" - so unless you have access to a MUT II - I don't think it's going to happen - you need to find the cause of the vibrations and fix that - perhaps the engine mounts.

A bit off topic but - my wife's car  (a Lancer) had a similar problem, engine vibrations at idle - she works for the local Mitsubishi delaer, and it is a company vehicle, so into the shop it went - and one of their bright young sparks hooked up the MUT II and tweaked the idle speed to "correct" the problem - which in fact turned out to be a broken engine mount, which has been replaced, but they have never managed to get the engine to run "right" since - it seems that some programming cartridge for the MUT has gone walkabout.

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Thank you.

It could be the mounts, but I think it's not - I can't feel the engine is loose in any way, but of course the forces are much higher when the car is put into motion. So far I have not been able to get underneath the car to inspect (just arrived in Africa where the wife bought the car and I just arrived for visiting). 

Once upon a time it was possible to fix your  one's own car wink

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1999 Pajero iO,GF-H76W LNXC

Let's see how close I can come

You have a 4 door, ZR model, 4WD with 5 speed floor shift transmission, and the 1.8 litre 4G93 SOHC MPI engine.

You probably have enough manual to cover the vehicle you just need to figure out what's what - open the Pinin folder (the iO is known as the Pinin in Europe) and look for a file - I think - called fore word - you'll recognize it because it's not one of the numbered files - it's a sort of index of contents - find the "chapter" you want, and note the corresponding number and then open the file itself by clicking on it.

There is another way to do this by opening one of the files in the main folder (which is actually for a full size Pajero) but seems to have links to the other files.


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