Pajero jerks when changing gears Need help figuring out why

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Good Day

I have a Pajero IO 1999 - H76W  Engine 4G93.  When going up hills specially steep hills the vehicle begins to jerk when it changes. When the jerking begins even if I am on a flat it continues forcing me to to drive at a lower speed.

I have changed the ignition coils, spark plugs, changed the Transmission filter and fluid  and this continues. it drives well on short distances but if I drive for a while I begin to get the jerk. am not sure what is causing it any help you can give would be apreciated


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Hi, bit late maybe... First

Hi, bit late maybe...

First would look at engine and gearbox rubber mounts.

After 10 years they are going downhill. They could be heating up and going soft as they do so.

The tickover is very low on these cars especially warm so won't hold high revs for a smooth change.

If it has not lost any power at all, I would try the above. If it has then that's a separate engine problem to be targeted first, fuel supply, ignition etc

Good hunting/diagnosing ! ! !

Ps, clutch drag gets worse as it warms up, clutch plate etc, poor change...


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